Speaker Bio & Abstract

Davyth Stewart Manager, Global Forestry and Pollution Enforcement

BiographyDavyth Stewart is the Coordinator for Natural Resources with INTERPOLís Environmental Security Programme.

His is responsible for the management of Project LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests), including the specialised teams based in South east Asia, the Amazon region and at the INTERPOL headquarters in France.
Davyth has over 20 years experience working for governments, private sector and NGOs. His experience includes working as the Senior Legal Officer at the NSW Crime Commission (in Sydney, Australia) and the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (in London and Northern Ireland), where he was responsible for investigating organised crime and tracing criminal proceeds. He has worked on environmental crime issues through a number of UN conventions and international environmental forums, including UN-REDD, UNFCCC and CITES. He has worked in Australia, the United Kingdom, Africa and is currently based in France.