Speaker Bio & Abstract

Dr. Patrick Vetter Head of Data Science
Supper & Supper

BiographyDr. Patrick Vetter is the Head of the Competence Center Data Science at Supper & Supper GmbH, a Berlin based consulting company specialized in Data Science Consulting, Data Science Services, Data Science Training and Digital Transformation.

He is responsible for coordinating Data Science projects, e.g. Predictive Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Geospatial Data Science projects.

He holds a PhD degree in Statistics and a Masters degree in Economics from the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt. His doctoral research examined how statistical models can describe the dynamics of the global Carbon Dioxide cycle and determine national CO2 emission budgets. AbstractThe Integration of GIS (e.g. ArcGIS from ESRI) and Deep Learning (DL) has plenty of opportunities in the present period of global energy turnaround. These opportunities range from renewable energy infrastructure detection, modelling of renewable energy resources, creating maps of both the infrastructure (from imagery) and resources to site identification of new infrastructure implementation. Supper & Supper uses this GIS/DL integration in detecting and mapping of both photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.