Speaker Bio & Abstract

Mats Snäll Chief Innovation Officer

BiographyMr Snäll is Chief Innovation Officer at Lantmäteriet, the Swedish Mapping, Cadaster and Land Registration Agency; pushing boundaries to develop business of land formation, registration and geodata distribution to society. Mr Snäll started out as a lawyer and have been working with development since he started at Lantmäteriet 20 years ago. He led the development of the Swedish Land Registry from paper-based court matters to automated customer services. He is engaged in oversea businesses and international cooperation like the ongoing appointment as the Swedish representative in the EU Blockchain Partnership. Always with the customer and the citizen focus and with the motto Forward, always…AbstractThe digital world of real property, land, rights and people is under constant development and the digital twin of the “world” need innovative solutions. The Swedish Lantmäteriet tried blockchain technology to support the selling and buying of real property and found out that the technology works for that and a lot of other important processes in the public administration. How blockchain can support, improve and develop land administration to next level and the future standard of secured ownership is some of the content in the presentation.