Speaker Bio & Abstract

Dr. Konrad Wenzel CEO & Founder

AbstractThe demand of 3D Meshes and Point clouds increases rapidly so do the requirements in respect to resolution and capturing speed. Cities with hundreds of square kilometers area are captured with few centimeters resolution and with that terabytes of data are acquired within hours. Photogrammetry enables a fully automatic approach in deriving 3D surface geometry and texture from images. Complemented by LiDAR data, particularly the geometric completeness can be increased. The resulting data serves for various applications in a rapidly growing market including mapping, city planning, forestry, environmental monitoring, disaster management, Smart City or BIM.

In professional data production, the requirements regarding accuracy, scalability, production efficiency and costs need to be balanced. Within this talk, best practices are elaborated in respect to sensor configurations and processing strategies. In particular, Photogrammetric algorithms for the production of Point Clouds, True Orthophotos and textured Meshes are presented including examples for the software solution SURE. It is used worldwide by mapping companies and government institutions for True Ortho and Mesh generation for entire cities and countries. The focus is particular on large scale and high precision mapping. We will demonstrate 3D results of our customers for varying applications.