Speaker Bio & Abstract

Dr. Konrad Wenzel CEO & Founder

AbstractFull automatic 3D reconstruction and color-balanced true orthophotos from imagery with unsurpassed performance and flexibility - as simple as you want and as advanced as you need. SURE Software transforms imagery from classic aerial cameras, multi-head oblique systems, drone cameras as well as most consumer-grade terrestrial cameras into 2.5D or 3D data, such as point clouds, photorealistic textured meshes and true orthophotos in a streamlined full automatic integrated process with image processing techniques (tSGM). Now, integrating with LiDAR data for maximum quality and flexibility. Customized workflows are existing to do edits and feed refined intermediate results or additional LiDAR data back into the workflow. The full package is completed with a mesh editor to optionally refine deliverables for maximum quality. Process simple areas up to entire cities, states and countries.