Speaker Bio & Abstract

Dr Manosi Lahiri Founder & CEO
ML Infomap

AbstractGeospatial technologies play an important role in operationalizing health programmes like the Immunization Mission in India established in 2014. Under this programme, all children under the age of 2 years, and all pregnant women, are vaccinated against several preventable diseases.

One problem faced by health officials is that data collected by different agencies meet different objectives for data collection and remain in silos. GIS provides the framework and tools to study data in an interoperable environment by adding a geospatial dimension, that is, by giving all features a physical location by the process of geocoding. This is a novel and innovative way of using immunization data in India. It is also possible for several people to access the output of analytics through dashboards and maps on Web browsers concurrently. Health officials can simultaneously access data from multiple existing digital data systems on vaccine storage, demand and consumption. They can undertake quantitative analysis of these data sets and visualize the relevant Key Performance Indicators through dynamic dashboards and active maps in a timely manner. Thus GIS aids monitoring and reporting immunization progress and identifying where problem areas exist and need to adopt measures based on reality to mitigate them.