Speaker Bio & Abstract

Adrian Badi Senior Data Analyst, Business Intelligence
William Demant

BiographyAdrian is a senior data analyst at William Demant, in charge of advanced analytics in the Business Intelligence team. He has experience with modelling, preparing and analyzing data specifically for decision making. Adrian has spent most of his career so far demystifying data science and “cooking” complicated insights into manageable information that can be used to either cut costs or improve sales across global organizations. His specialty is story telling with data, root cause analysis and deep dive techniques. In his spare time, Adrian plays the piano and composes music, plays strategy games and enjoys cooking.AbstractIntroducing buzz words like machine learning, AI and data science in big organizations with well established work cultures can be very difficult. This presentation is a simple, tested and verified “cook book” on how to start this process, step by step, to create awareness and excitement towards data driven decision making with pilot projects. Adrian will tell the story of how he did it in his company and what the learnings have been, so everyone can benefit and implement this model in their own workplace. The focus is on key, simple concepts that if implemented correctly, can result in a fast data science adoption and even data science projects demand from upper management.