Speaker Bio & Abstract

Richa Hukumchand Head, Research & Innovation
CropIn Technologies Solutions

BiographyRicha is haeding the Research & Innovation group at CropIn Technologies. Previously she has worked as a Scientist in DRDO for 10 years and in TCS 2.5 years. During her tenure in DRDO she has worked for two major research projects - a) RF Facility for evaluating stealth technology for aircrafts, b) On-board radar development for interceptor missiles. Her expertise from this experience is in RF Signal Processing and embedded systems.AbstractRicha Hukumchand, Bhavesh Patidar, Vaibhav Chippa, Shabrinath Nair | CropIn Research & Innovation This paper provides study of crop growing patterns on the river bank of narmada and its impact on soil and water conservation. Preventing soil erosion is a major factor for sustainable agriculture, as part of water conservation process. Soil erosion can have a huge impact on the long term productivity of agriculture and quality of soil. Crop growing patterns and management practices play a major role on the nutrient and water retention capacity of soil and hence influence soil quality. Tree crop plantation on the riversides have a major advantage over the traditional agriculture crops for conserving and restoring the river water content. It enhances the water absorption properties of the soil and prevent from soil erosion. Establishing tree crop plantation takes several years and once production starts maintenance and harvesting is also expensive. Hence, majority of the farmers prefer traditional agricultural crops like rice, maize and wheat.

River conservation plans and restoration processes is an expensive affair and requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Also, monitoring and guiding farmers along the riverside to adopt suitable agricultural practices could be difficult for local administration & NGOs. For a plan to succeed there is a need to use latest technology with a system that can monitor farms along the river basin, and showcase success to farmers & policy makers to make sustainable changes in their practices. This study talks about a framework which provides solution for monitoring and managing river conservation plans.