Speaker Bio & Abstract

Vincent Lecamus Chief Executive Officer

BiographyVincent Lecamus is the founder and CEO of Immergis. He has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of cartography and GIS applied to different networks especially in the transportation sector. As previous experiences he's been project director and project manager for many projects in France, Europe and Africa, which give him a strong expertise in local, regional and national GIS projects.AbstractEffective asset management -from transportation to utilities and urban construction - plays a key role from enhancing economic growth to improving the quality of life inside communities. For instance, road asset management through Geospatial data and technologies is one of the pathways to sustainable management and investment efficiency for maintaining the road safe while insuring mobility.

As an international company specialized in the use of Geospatial data dedicated to linear infrastructure's asset management (road, rail, utilities network, urban planning, etc.), we have had the opportunity to participate and be a part of different geospatial projects around the world. Our team is currently in charge of the Open Cities Africa project from the World Bank in Senegal and Congo, a project that emphasized the importance of geospatial data for urban resilience and adaptation to climate change.

Through our presentation, we will showcase how to use Geospatial data to optimize management and investment regarding road asset management, urban planning, smart cities, etc. With figures and case studies we will highlight best practices and their impacts in resources and budgeting optimization. Benefits of the use of innovative methods, such as flexible mobile mapping systems, web GIS platforms and apps for linear infrastructure data management will be displayed.