Speaker Bio & Abstract

Prashant S. Alatgi Designated Partner
Prashant Advanced Survey

BiographyWith 20 years of industrial experience, a Post Graduate Civil Engineer, secured a gold medal & 2nd Rank in University of Pune; made application of advanced Land Surveying & Mapping techniques the passion in his life. Head : Technical & Business Development of his 25 years old Company Prashant Surveys founded by his father, headquartered at Pune, India. Completed more than 8,000 Km of highway Topographic Survey projects, using advanced Mobile LiDAR Technology.AbstractSmart City Mission, is an urban renewal and retrofitting program by the Government of India with the mission to develop 100 cities across the country making them citizen friendly and sustainable. Precise 4D mapping of all the existing assets above and below the ground is of utmost importance for any Smart City development project. The base map prepared should be accurate, dynamic, rich in content and seamlessly integrated so as to depict the actual existing site conditions which will help in preparing precise work plan for the further smart city development.

Mobile LiDAR & GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) system along with the PPK UAVs. (Post Processed Kinematic Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) / Drones, is one of the best cutting edge technologies for Smart City asset mapping projects with precision up to + / - 5 cm. Mobile LiDAR will capture all the assets along the roads & above the ground, whereas the GPR will capture the assets below the ground. For the remote and shadow areas not covered by Mobile LiDAR, PPK based Drones with camera and / or LiDAR sensors can be used. If required, Terrestrial LiDAR can also be used to capture the missing data below dense canopy.