Speaker Bio & Abstract

Evelyn Aparicio Medrano Advisor
Nelen & Schuurmans
The Netherlands

BiographyEvelyn is an experienced consultant at national and international level in the fields of water management, water quality, agriculture and data management. Evelyn has 13 years of experience in the field of water management, hydrodynamics, water quality and the development of applications using satellite imagery for environmental and agricultural applications. Highly skilled in geospatial technology, Sustainable Development, Earth Observations, Water Management and Water Quality. Since 2015 Evelyn has been working on data analysis and information visualization applying online platforms such as Lizard. A central point of her work is the integration of several sources of information, modelling techniques to create aggregated value for the determination of indicators to clearly communicate with users and decision makers in the fields of urban planning, water and food security agriculture.

Evelyn holds a M.Sc. in Water Management from Delft University of Technology (TUD) and a PhD in Applied Physics from Eindhoven Technical University (TUE).AbstractMartijn Krol, Evelyn Aparicio Medrano, Alexander Hoff, Wietze Suijker, Joeri Verheijden | Nelen & Schuurmans Recent years have been characterized by an unprecedented increase in data availability. Different types of data have increased in quantity, quality and accessibility. In a geospatial context this trend has opened up a new range of possibilities to provide better information and support informed decisions.

However, the transition of data to relevant information often forms an obstacle. We find many socioeconomic decisions taken without complete supporting information, even when relevant data is available. This is where Lizard can add value, a tool which allows data analysis and integration in order to transform data into information which can be used to support communities and decisionmakers. Lizard allows storage, presentation and integration of many different types of data, making it a valuable tool in numerous projects and fields of work both within and outside of Europe.

An award-winning application is found in Vietnam where Lizard is used to combine satellite data, model predictions and local measurements to advice rice farmers about irrigation and fertilizer usage. This information is made available to the farmers through a smartphone app which has recently been launched. We are very driven to develop more successful applications making use of the platform and are interested to discuss possibilities.