Speaker Bio & Abstract

Katerina Mekhlis Chief Executive Officer
The Netherlands

BiographyEducation: St.Pet. State University, Viadrina University (Germany), UAB (Barcelona, Spain).

Experience: business consultant, organization structure optimization, Project leader for system implementation (incl. system design and implementation of ERP systems: SAP, Navision, Axapta etc.). International Corporation such as Heineken, Henkel, Fraport, other companies. AbstractKaterina Mekhlis, Sergey Gevorkov | NeoCityLab This thesis is devoted to a new approach to the development of a system of 3D visualization of urban spaces and automated recognition of urban objects based on laser scanning data and photo panoramas and construction of three-dimensional models of cities (by identification of separate objects in city panoramas in automated mode and recovering from it 3D city models). The system may become an integrational platform for Smart City connecting all the data in one view point. This kind of platform can be very useful for urban city management and planning tasks as well as make a significant improve in communication between citizens and institutions.

The platform has algorithms for analyzing the city environment such as measurement of objects in panoramas, objects embedding for territory planning purposes; objects identification; retrospective analysis to compare different time periods, etc.). Object recognition from point cloud in automated mode was developed to be used for a city modelling and other tasks (urban asset inventory, control and maintenance over the urban infrastructure objects and buildings, etc).

The proposed solution is easy to get - an average European city can be scanned and processed within 2-3 weeks. It is very light to be used in mobile and web applications and be appropriate for any user - no special training is needed to use the system.