Regional Forums (8 April 2020 | 1700 - 1830 hrs)

Co-creating Geospatial Infrastructure through Public Private Partnership

Asia | Africa | Middle East | Americas

The Regional Forums are a valuable multi-stakeholder platform for the geospatial community, organized by Geospatial Media and Communications at the Geospatial World Forum from 7-9 April 2020 in Amsterdam. The Forums follow up on and review the implementation of geospatial technologies in the region. Focusing on practical value-added and peer learning, they create a regional space to share policy solutions, best practices and challenges in geospatial infrastructure and technology implementation and help identify major regional and sub-regional trends.

In the quest to strengthen Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure in transforming economy of digital age, Geospatial Media and Communications is organizing the Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Americas Regional Forums that aim to discuss the geospatial readiness of the regions, eventual transformation models required - including existing and required integrated policy frameworks and most importantly how to enrich the knowledge platform through adoption of collaboration and partnership models.


Explore Mechanisms associated with geospatial data platforms
Discover Scope of partnership between national geospatial data infrastructure provider and technology companies
Capture Trends and innovation in geospatial data and its value to economy and society
Illustrate The need for Co-creation
Define Partnership Frameworks and Business Models
Asia Regional
Africa Regional
Middle East Regional
Americas Regional

The Regional Forums will have the following schedule and will also be concentrating on the below given panel topics:

1700-1730: Reception

1730-1900: Regional Forum Panels

The need for Co-creation

It is time to invest in developing a positive and collaborative approach towards building national geospatial infrastructure and policy frameworks. The panel will highlight the need for countries to develop a collaboration and partnership model to co-create a geospatial knowledge platform, including government to government, government to private, government to funding agencies, also involving in the process academia and research institutes.

Partnership Frameworks and Business Models

The panel will focus on the type of partnership frameworks and business models that need to be developed to ensure good geospatial information management in the region.