Regional Geospatial Infrastructure Forum Africa | Arab States | Asia Pacific

2 MAY 2023


Over the last few years, there has been a dimensional shift in overall recognition and narratives about the power of geospatial and its value proposition for the society, the economy, and the environment. Geospatial infrastructure today comprises of spatial data infrastructure, positioning network, legal and policy frameworks, as well as the delivery of geospatial services across diverse sectors. It serves as the foundation of digital twin leading to greater demand for authoritative, accurate, updated and accessible data platforms. As many countries are moving towards national geospatial strategy, alignment with regional geospatial and wider data policies and frameworks could be an additional advantage.

The Regional Geospatial Infrastructure Forum aims to:

  • Deliberate on requisites for strengthening national geospatial infrastructures
  • Understand the technology requirements of countries and identify possible solutions
  • Discuss the possible regional collaborations to address trans-boundary issues
  • Identify global geospatial responses to regional challenges & opportunities

It will be a 3-hour interactive session featuring presentations, panel discussions and open-house discussion, bringing together regional participants from national geospatial agencies, industry leadership, and major user organizations.


4th May
1000 - 1015 Opening & Keynote
1015 - 1100 National Geospatial Infrastructure Strategy Empowering National and Regional Development
1100 - 1145 Geo4IR Driving Geospatial Innovation, Automation and Knowledge Services
1145 - 1200 Tea/Coffee Break
1200 - 1245 Geospatial Integration in User Workflows and Business Processes
1245 - 1300 Open-House Discussion & Closing
1300 - 1400 Lunch