PNT & GNSS Theme: Navigate the Advancements of PNT & GNSS Capabilities

15 May 2024 // 90 Minutes Program


Geospatial World Forum 2024 shall host a 90 Minute technology program, PNT & GNSS where the discussions will be around, a wide array of GNSS applications and PNT services.

From mobile phones to surveying devices, GNSS is ubiquitous in everyday life. It is crucial for disaster management, emergency response, marine and land monitoring, fleet monitoring, etc. GNSS is a major component of PNT; however, PNT encompasses much more than navigational functions.

The finance sector benefits from PNT services, relying on accurate time synchronization for transactions and trading. The telecom sector also heavily relies on PNT – precise timing is essential for synchronizing networks and ensuring that signals arrive at their intended destination at the correct time. The critical infrastructure sectors rely heavily on PNT, meaning disruption would cause high costs, delays, or degradation of functions and services.


Alexander Deboutte

Christian Williges

Director Commercial Sales
Reflex Aerospace

Nikolas Smilovsky

Geospatial Solutions Director
Bad Elf

Louis Ross

CEO, Director & Advisor
MEI Micro, Inc

Session Highlights

  • New GNSS and PNT applications
  • Realizing the unique opportunity and affordable options, such as LEO
  • Contribution to GDP growth
  • Sustained investment in the industry
  • Resilient PNT infrastructure
  • Security threats and their solutions

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