Ministerial Panel

Geospatial Policies and National Economy

Geospatial technology, information, and services are addressing some of the major national priorities; adding value to productivity, reducing costs and enabling GDP growth in the process.

While countries all over the world have spent considerable effort and time in establishing a national SDI, the progress is mostly limited to spatial data sharing, discovery and access. The real context of utilizing spatial information – the needs, strategies, goals, value-added services and innovation is still not part of a nation’s development strategy.

Developing a national geospatial policy, fully implementing the geospatial platform and portfolio management, and encouraging coordinated intergovernmental data initiatives, will lead toward a robust and forward-looking strategy to accelerate the use of geospatial technology in key economic sectors.

Such policy implementation requires intervention at the highest level. Ministers from various national governments will deliberate the issues and share their vision in creating a better footprint of geospatial systems on national GDPs.