Location technology in today’s world is very being of our personality. In such connected world people define themselves with where they are on globe like a pin on map. For any business, to scope in the virtual market - location information has power to transform every facet of an enterprise whether improving operational efficiency or enhancing sales effectiveness or advertising/marketing or tapping new customers. Hence launch of a new “business intelligence weapon in a digital world” used by CIOs, CMOs, COOs and digital strategists to gain a competitive advantage.

Plenary: Location technology disrupting business models: Business of sharing

In this plenary session we are set out to explore how location technology in the sharing ethos will make its mark to understand what incumbents and challengers must do, to position them ahead of disruption and capitalize the new sources of revenue. Collaboration with location technology: the sharing economy future to target consumers and measure success, constantly refining and optimizing campaigns with daily data insights will be ‘the next big thing’ to provide first-hand information in real-time. Thus, businesses running for success can no longer afford to ignore the power of location data. It's available, it's new, and it's going to change how businesses grow.

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The conference has been bifurcated into two parallels:

Location-based: Marketing –Advertising and Sales Optimization – Consumer Insights

Location Technology is a growing part of today's business intelligence and analytics lexicon. In few years only, innovations in location-based advertising and marketing have shown tremendous growth and improvement in the past few years. Businesses that implement location intelligence into their marketing strategy benefit by gaining improved information that help them get insights on their consumers, allowing them to take action involving customer bases, distribution channels, networks, as well as to maximize marketing decision making. Location-based advertising (LBA) is a new form of advertising that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services.

Panel Discussion Topics

Social Media and World of Advertisement

Retail and E–commerce

Sales and Consumer Insights

Data and Privacy

Case Studies Discussions

Location Based: Financial services (BFSI), Healthcare & Lifesciences and Global Operations - Supply chain management

Location world would highlight how Location technology will bring disruptive innovation in financial services, by facilitating better planning, analysis, and risk management services. It will provides a comprehensive view of supply chain and operation management to foresee and mitigate risks such as field resource planning, asset management, inventory control, natural - political instabilities, etc. and develop more stimulating risk management plans for potential payout. In these key themes we would address different enterprise parameters merging with the goals of multilateral vision of sustainability in an economy.

Panel Discussion Topics

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Healthcare and Life science

Global Operations and Supply Chain Management

Digital Location Transformation – IoT, Big Data and Ai

Case Studies Discussions

Location Accelerator: Bootcamp

Building a team for self-starters – why is it all about your “where”, “how”, “when” and “what”?

Location Accelerator, a two hour boot-camp for start-ups unleashing the true potential of real –time location data insights - a) to know your business and competition b) to target your consumers; at right time at right place.

Learn ‘how’ ‘where’ to make big leap in your business. Experience an intense - structured mentorship with world renowned visionary leaders and access to a global network of Location Technology in real – time case discussions demystifying the road ahead for an accelerated success through “Location Intelligence”.