Technical Session

LiDAR Theme: Precision And Accuracy Delivering Specific Prospects

15 May 2024 // 90 Minutes program


Surface features, topology, dimensional information advantage is fulfilled by LiDAR. Airborne LiDAR scanners have seen exponential use in diverse fields with LiDAR drones catching up. Work from Research to industrial, LiDAR has been made flexible and has gained accuracy and ease in application through software processing. How is LiDAR data helping and where? Why must LiDAR be a sought technology?

LiDAR technology is significantly uplifting world economies by revolutionizing data acquisition and analysis across various industries. Its applications span urban planning, infrastructure development, and environmental management. In construction and engineering, LiDAR enables precise mapping and monitoring, reducing project timelines and costs. In agriculture, it enhances precision farming practices, optimizing resource use. LiDAR is crucial for autonomous vehicles, supporting advancements in transportation. Moreover, in forestry and natural resource management, LiDAR aids in efficient resource assessment and conservation. These diverse applications ignite innovation, and bring about economic growth, and sustainability, showcasing LiDAR's transformative impact on economies globally. Nations are harnessing their capabilities for informed decision-making and the development of resilient, forward-thinking industries.

The summit will bring together participants from the technology community to demonstrate investment opportunities and highlight case studies of high-impact, profitable and sustainable in the LiDAR market.


Filipe Pinto

Business Development

Wout Velthoven

Project Manager

Christian Sevcik

Manager Strategic Software Alliances

Session Highlights

  • Application Spectrum of Airborne LiDAR
  • World LiDAR Mapping
  • LiDAR for ecosystem preservation
  • LiDAR Scanners
  • New Areas of research and technology development
  • Ocean, land, and atmospheric use cases

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Automotive Industry
LiDAR Professionals
LiDAR data processing Software Providers
LiDAR data Consumers
Governments Departments engaged in LiDAR projects