Industry Panel

Expanding User Base: Connecting Communities

The geospatial industry has been expanding at a breakneck speed with ‘geospatial’ getting embedded in more and more industry workflows, adding value to various industry segments, including construction, mining, energy, cities, and so on. The seamless integration and optimal embedment in business processes are making geospatial a system of systems that is no longer stand-alone.

With geospatial as the backbone, systems of different segments can be made interoperable and connected to serve larger purposes, beyond individual industry. For instance, new development in construction sector has great impact on energy transition in the surrounding area, altering the entire energy planning in the city. Connecting the different stakeholders is the key to ensuring sustainable development in the city.

The same goes to resource extraction activities that will affect the natural environment. Forest logging, mining, fisheries, irrigation and land use need to be managed efficiently in an inclusive manner for the sake of the environment. Geospatial is able to connect the different community through an integrated monitoring and reporting system.

Geospatial World Forum has been a platform that connects leadership of end user communities to the larger social and economic thought leaders. The panel on “Expanding User Base: Connecting Communities” will create the opportunity for these leaders to exchange and capitalize knowledge for building an innovation-led growth sector, with transformative business models that expand the entire geospatial value proposition.