India- Europe Space and Geospatial Business Summit

13 May 2024


With India set to comprise 60% of the young workforce by 2040, its role as a leader in the Global South and a facilitator of North-South dialogue positions it for significant growth in the space and geospatial industry. The potential for trade and commerce in this sector is boundless, limited only by imagination.

With the objective of showcasing, promoting, and facilitating trade and commerce in the field of the geospatial community, Geospatial World is organizing the “India-Europe Space and Geospatial Business Summit as part of the Geospatial World Forum on 13th May 2024.

Event Offerings

  • Showcase of technology and solutions.
  • Collaboration in the realms of Geospatial and Space Technology.
  • Explore Technology & Strategic business partnerships.
  • Discussions on policies that facilitate cross-border collaborations, and support.
  • Promote and strengthen trade and commerce.
  • Engage & collaborate with institutions to access skilled talent, fostering workforce development.
  • Explore prospects for enhancing exports and investments.


Indian & European geospatial industry
National geospatial agencies
Large geospatial user enterprises
Members of Non-Resident Indian geospatial professional networks