15th-16th January 2018 HICC, Hyderabad, India


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is driving the convergence of technologies, smudging the line between physical and digital ecosystems. On the business aspect, it is considerably altering customer expectations, demanding product enhancement at every level.

What was the buzz at GeoBuiz 2017?

Jack Dangermond

President, Esri

In terms of partnerships, I am interested in partners who would help me deliver value to my end users. Whether that is in terms of content or value added applications in the vertical sense or other enabling technologies, that is what I hunt for always.

Steven W. Berglund


World is changing quite rapidly. The advances in technology are putting the ecosystem under the pressure of new conditions. Amongst all this, the guiding principle of collaborations is and should be what is best for the end user.

Walter Scott

Founder and CTO

The base of successful partnerships cannot be just mutual self-interest. It has to be a partnership enabling something that neither party can do by themselves. This has to enable the end user to do something which is impossible without the partnership.

Vishal Dhupar

Managing Director
(South Asia), NVIDIA

High definition mapping is the way forward. For example, high definition maps are being created for autonomous vehicles which are resulting in very rich data points that are more realistic, quicker and real time. This saves a lot of time and time saved is money saved.

Rajesh Alla

Chairman and Managing Director, IIC Technologies

The geospatial industry is witnessing a definite shift of customer base and convergence in standard digitization to engineering workflow. There is a need to reinvent and redesign the conventional mapping and services to business models akin to the engineering workflow.

Terry Moloney

President and CEO
PCI Geomatics

The current transformation of the geospatial industry is showing a move towards more business oriented users from a traditionally scientific professional user. The solutions have evolved to be more customers centric. The use of deep learning is going to enable such solutions, creating real value through technology efficiency.

Marc Melviez

Director& CEO

Location Intelligence is becoming all pervasive. Non-traditional players are slowly becoming an integral part of the mainstream Geospatial industry, through spatial enablement. This in turn is popularizing the mainstream services and solutions as well and encouraging the industry to deliver end to end spatial solutions.

Steven Hagan

Vice President of Development for Server Technologies, Oracle

Collaborations between various technologies enabling location analytics have been present for quite some time. The bigger players in the industry are trying to make applications and information more public in order to encourage collaborations and partnerships.


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