Geo4Telcos: Geo-enabling 5G Operators



Telecommunication industry continues to be one of the most competitive industries with rapid evolution. Telecom companies (Telcos) need to effectively manage their network infrastructure in order to stay competitive and to achieve growth.

With major talks on the coming shift to 5G, Telcos will need to make upgrades to their core connectivity infrastructure and offer improved and expanded services to customers - through the use of small cells, network densification (adding more cells to serve more customers), installing more fiber infrastructure, and improving spectrum efficiency. The capability to manage one’s network infrastructure effectively makes a strategic difference, and for that, Telcos require thorough understanding and analysis of the location of their network assets, facilities and customers’ demography.

Geo4Telcos:Geo-enabling 5G Operators

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Carrier/ Network Operators/ Telcos
Content Providers
Communications Authorities
E-Business Solutions Provider
ICT Consultancies
Internet/ Value Added Service Providers
IoT Solution Providers
IT/ Software Developers
Satellite/ Broadcast/ Cable
System Integrators

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