Technical Session

Generative AI Theme: The Era of Ai Shaping Us

15 May 2024 | 0930 - 1130 hrs


Pavlo Yalovol

VP of Innovation

Siqin (Sisi) Wang

Associate Professor (Teaching)
University of Southern California

Doyi Kim

Research Scientist
SI Analytics
South Korea

Amit Prabhu

AI Consultant, Author



Geospatial World Forum 2024 shall host 90 minutes technology program, called Generative AI – themed as ‘The Era of AI Shaping Us’ where the deliberations will be around the current state of Generative AI in the geospatial domain – key use cases, technology landscape, and move to a data-centric culture of self-service and pervasive business analytics.

How Generative AI is a powerful trend that harnesses AI applications such as ChatGPT, Craiyon, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and more is changing the modern landscape of AI, with even non-data science individuals becoming interested in the topic.

Generative AI has just begun. Its impact on society and business will continue to grow exponentially. The big question is: when and how? What are realistic expectations concerning the future of AI? What are the implications?

Session Highlights

  • Beyond the hype: Deploying Generative AI in the enterprise
  • Case studies in making culture change happen – customer experience
  • Digital and business transformation
  • Applied innovation
  • Putting digital ethics to practice

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Decision makers implementing Generative AI
Professionals seeking to use Generative AI
Data scientists
AI researchers
Generative AI practitioners
Platform providers
End users