Downstream Space Summit Theme: Image Intelligence for Commercial and National Mapping Applications

15-16 May 2024


The downstream space segment is the commercial anchor of the space sector – driving innovation, jobs, revenues, and ensuring delivery of services that impact the lives of people. Space-based imagery is increasingly functioning as an enabler of commercial applications and public services, and supporting service delivery in almost all sectors of the global economy. In the evolving digital economy, space-based imagery is becoming a component of the broader digital infrastructure, with its integration into the wider data value chain.

Developments in frontier technology like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, are contributing to faster and cheaper collection and processing of data, and driving a shift from imagery to insights, which enable provision of intelligence to diverse customers across sectors. The companies in downstream space sector which have been dependent on government contracts are increasingly catering to commercial customers, with the companies evolving to meet customers’ needs, leading to easier integration of image intelligence in day-to-day processes. Enhanced image intelligence also unlocks innovative use cases and new opportunities for collaboration. With unprecedented access to image intelligence, the users from national geospatial agencies and commercial market need to explore measures to unlock value for customers, and society as a whole.


0930 - 1130 Session 1: Technology Convergence Powering the Downstream Space Segment

Session Highlight

  • Technology innovation in Earth Observation, Satellite Communications, and PNT
  • Integration of frontier technology with downstream space-tech
  • Technology integration enabling innovative space-based solutions delivering image intelligence.

Kumar Navulur

Founder & CEO

Steve Spittle

CTO & Co-founder

Keizo Fujiwara

General Manager, Solution Development Dept.

Gulin Dede

Copernicus Space Segment Engineering Coordinator
European Space Agency
The Netherlands

1130 - 1330 Session 2: Commercial Space Industry Unlocking Potential of Image Intelligence

Session Highlight

  • Commercial space industry driving the transition from imagery to insights.
  • Commercial space industry enhancing availability and accessibility of image intelligence for commercial users across sectors.
  • Enterprise-level image intelligence solutions and its impact on business outputs across domains

Solange Uwera

Senior Presales Engineer

1330 - 1500 Session 3: New Space Agencies Driving Downstream Space Ecosystem Development

Session Highlight

  • Evolution of national and regional space agencies to meet demand across domains
  • Collaboration with commercial space industry to develop downstream space services
  • Development and implementation of space policy with focus on downstream space applications
  • Fostering enabling ecosystem for growth of downstream space industry and users

Christian Hauglie-Hanssen

Director General
Norwegian Space Agency

Gunter Schreier

Deputy Director - German Remote Sensing Data Centre
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Siriluk Prukpitikul

Deputy Director

0930 - 1130 Session 4: Legal and Regulatory Aspects for Space Businesses

Session Highlight

  • Legal and regulatory aspects of Earth Observation and its impact on downstream space businesses
  • National space laws and regulation of Earth Observation systems and data
  • Earth Observation and sustainability - regulatory aspects
  • Legal aspects of integration of EO data in the digital infrastructure

Gunter Schreier

Deputy Director - German Remote Sensing Data Centre
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Luiza Saldanha Pena Costa

Legal Officer for Commercialisation
European Space Agency

Ingo Baumann

Lawyer and Partner
BHO Legal

Thomas Blaschke

Head of Department - Department of Geoinformatics
University of Salzburg

Arianna Vettorel

Adjunct Professor - New Space Law
University of Venice

Jurry De La Mar

Head of International Sales - Public Sector
T-Systems International

1130 - 1330 Session 5: National Mapping as Foundation for Image Intelligence and Services

Session Highlight

  • National Mapping Agencies providing foundation data for the development of image intelligence solutions and services
  • Downstream space market as users of National Mapping Agencies - business and collaboration models
  • Integration of EO data with foundation geospatial data for meeting evolving user demand across sectors

Amanda Markert

Associate Lead of Weather & Climate Resilience

Juliet Ezechie

Director of International
Ordnance Survey

1330 - 1500 Session 6: Image Intelligence Unlocking Business Value in User Domains

Session Highlight

  • Current and emerging use cases of image intelligence in key user sectors - agriculture, urban planning, infrastructure development, natural resource management, disaster management, etc.
  • Challenges of adoption of image intelligence in user domains
  • Way forward and recommendations for enhancing impact of downstream space segment in commercial and national mapping applications

Alex Gow

Sales Director

Luigi Scatteia

Partner & Space Practice Global Lead
PwC Advisory

Frank de Morsier

Chief Operating Officer

Alexander Gunkel

Founder & Managing Director
The Netherlands

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Space agencies
Earth observation industry
Satellite communications industry
PNT industry
Frontier technology providers
Geospatial technology providers
Topographic agencies
Hydrographic agencies
Geological agencies
Land administration agencies
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