Technical Session

Digital Twins & Metaverse Theme: Orchestrating Industry Transformation with Digital Twins & the Metaverse

15 May 2024 // 90 Minutes program


Geospatial World Forum 2024 shall host a 90 Minute technology program on Digital Twins & Metaverse where the deliberations will be around that How the synergy between digital twins and the metaverse is transformative across industries. The metaverse, an interconnected digital universe, facilitates immersive experiences where users engage in virtual spaces. Integrating digital twins into the metaverse amplifies simulation depth, offering dynamic and interactive virtual environments. Together, digital twins and the metaverse redefine how we design, experience, and interact with the physical and virtual worlds, fostering innovation, efficiency, and novel forms of collaborative engagement across a wide array of sectors.

In retail, businesses are leveraging geospatial data to enhance location-based services, optimize supply chains, and create immersive virtual shopping experiences within the metaverse. The BFSI sector is incorporating location analytics for risk assessment, fraud detection, and personalized financial services, while exploring metaverse applications for virtual banking and decentralized financial transactions. In the energy industry, the use of geospatial data for smart grid management is complemented by metaverse technologies facilitating virtual simulations and planning. These trends underscore the convergence of geospatial intelligence, digital technologies, and the metaverse, shaping innovative solutions and experiences across diverse sectors.

Session Highlights

  • Industry-specific Applications
  • IoT Integration
  • Urban Digital Twins
  • Simulation and Predictive Analytics
  • Virtual Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Spatial Computing

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