C-Sigma: Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness



The potential contributions of space-based Earth observation systems to maritime awareness is of growing interest to the world’s naval and law enforcement forces, as well as to environmental preservationists, governmental transport, commerce, maritime, environmental protection, and disaster preparedness ministries, in addition to ship brokers, and others with an interest in the marine domain, its environment, and the protection of its resources. However, coordination to maximize these capabilities is still lacking.

Among the greatest need, as well as the greatest opportunities for international collaboration are presented by the multiple national and regional efforts to develop the doctrine and concept of operations to coordinate the use of the space technologies now available for detecting, identifying and tracking vessels well offshore, on a global scale. These systems are especially suited in areas with shared international interests such as the Arctic, or in pirate infested waters, or in areas known to support smuggling or resource theft of all types.

C-Sigma workshop on Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness will be a part of the Defense, Internal Security and Public Safety program at Geospatial World Forum 2020.


C-SIGMA envisions linking together existing and planned unclassified space system capabilities in a worldwide collaborative network via coordinated regional centers for international global maritime awareness to provide substantially improved security, safety, environmental protection, resource conservation, as well as disaster mitigation and recovery. It would be a huge step toward global maritime security. We are currently working with the Multinational Maritime Security Center of Excellence, charged by NATO with outreach to all non-NATO maritime security and safety authorities, to generate support and understanding of the benefits of space-based GEOINT.

Who Should Attend

Defence Forces - Army, Navy, Air Force
Environmental Security Agencies
Customs & Border Controls Officials
Civil Defence Departments
Geospatial Data/Technology Providers
Disaster Management Agencies
Satellite-AIS Solution Providers
Maritime Security Agencies
Defence System Integrators

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