India- Europe Space and Geospatial Business Summit

13 May 2024 | Hall - Van Oldenbarnvelt Room


0800 - 0900 Networking Breakfast (At Captian's Lounge)
0900 - 1000 Opening Session

Introductory Note

Sanjay Kumar

Geospatial World

Felicitatory Remarks

Gince Kuruvilla Mattam

Deputy Chief of Mission
Embassy of India
The Netherlands

Pacome Revillon


Rajeev Jyoti

Director Technical

Ananyaa Narain

VP - Consultancy
Geospatial World

Bert Klaassens

VP - Europe
Geospatial World
The Netherlands

1000 - 1045 Collaborative Opportunities for National Mapping Agencies

Session Highlight

The session on Collaborative Opportunities for National Mapping Agencies, aims to explore multifaceted partnerships and innovations between national mapping agencies of India and Europe. This discussion will not only delve into direct governmental collaborations but also extend to engaging with private sector entities that are pivotal in advancing geospatial technologies. Key discussion points in this session will include -
  • Discuss the integration of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and aerial/satellite imagery, in mapping services, and explore collaboration with the private sector to provide these services.
  • Present successful case studies of existing cross-border collaborations between different national agencies and the private sector to illustrate potential benefits and common pitfalls.
  • Identify opportunities for joint ventures that leverage the unique strengths of each organization.
  • Address the need for harmonizing geospatial information standards to ensure compatibility and interoperability.
  • Explore various funding models that can support collaborative projects, including public-private partnerships when such collaborations are explored.

David Henderson

Chief Geospatial Officer
Ordnance Survey

Rob Agelink

Director of Data, Governance & Innovation
The Netherlands

Rudy Cambier

Chief of Innovation and Industrials Partnerships Department (France and International)
IGN France

Ramesh Ananthakrishnan

DSM Soft

Anup Jindal


1045 - 1115 Coffee Break
1115 - 1200 Geospatial Products and Solutions

Session Highlight

The session on Geospatial Products and Solution promises to be a pivotal platform for discussing the collaborative potential between Indian and European geospatial industries offering products and solutions and working cross-border. This session aims to explore the extensive capabilities of both regions in harnessing and innovating with geospatial technologies, such as satellite imagery, remote sensing, and data analytics. Focused on mutual benefits, the discussion will cover how these regions can share resources, expand market access, and jointly tackle projects in critical areas like urban development, agriculture, and climate monitoring. Key discussion points in this session will include -
  • Recent technological advancements in both regions that could benefit collaborative efforts, such as developments in remote sensing, UAV technology, and big data analytics.
  • Explore how both regions can benefit from sharing geospatial data and resources.
  • Discuss opportunities for companies to expand their market presence across regions, addressing both challenges and strategies for successful market entry.
  • Identify specific opportunities for joint ventures in areas like urban planning, agriculture, disaster management, and climate change monitoring.
  • Present case studies where Indian and European entities working in different regions has led to successful geospatial projects, emphasizing the methodologies and outcomes of these partnerships.

Robert Hoddenbach

Global Director, Climate & Nature Markets
The Netherlands

Agendra Kumar

Managing Director
Esri India

Saurabh Rai

Arahas Technologies

Rajeev Saraf

Lepton Software

Adina Gillespie

VP-Strategic Initiatives - Geospatial Content

1200 - 1245 Space Infrastructure and Downstream Applications

Session Highlight

The session on Space Infrastructure and Downstream Applications at the India Space Europe business summit, aims to highlight synergies between Indian and European capabilities in space technology, including satellite deployment, communication systems, and the myriad of downstream applications that these technologies enable.

This session will delve into the collaborative potential for developing robust space infrastructure and exploring innovative downstream applications. As India and Europe continue to advance their space technologies, this platform will facilitate discussions on shared projects, technology transfer, and co-development of satellite systems, with a strong focus on enhancing the practical applications of space data in various sectors such as telecommunications, earth observation, and navigation. Key topics of discussion include -
  • Explore opportunities for joint space missions, focusing on satellite development, launches, and management.
  • Discuss frameworks for technology sharing and co-development, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of both Indian and European space sectors.
  • Identify gaps in current infrastructure and propose collaborative projects to fill these gaps, enhancing overall capabilities.
  • Examine successful downstream applications of space technologies, such as disaster management, urban planning, and agriculture.
  • Discuss new potential applications and markets for space-based data, including climate monitoring and security.
  • Explore potential business models and commercial ventures that could be developed through Indo-European cooperation.

Sean Wiid


Massimo Claudio Comparini

Deputy CEO & ESVP
Thales Alenia Space

Sethu Saveda Suvanam

Founder & CEO

Sreeramam GV

NeoGeoinfo Technologies

Krishanu Acharya

Co-founder & CEO

Prateep Basu

Co-Founder & CEO
SatSure Ltd

1245 - 1300 Launch of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) Rotterdam

CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal


CA. Charanjot Singh Nanda

Vice President

Vikas S. Chaturvedi

Founder Chairman
The Netherlands

Sanjay Kumar

Geospatial World

1300 - 1400 Networking Lunch (At Diamond Room)


The India-Europe Space and Geospatial Business Summit, scheduled for May 13, 2024, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, represents a pivotal juncture in fostering strategic collaboration between two key global players in the realm of space exploration and geospatial technologies. The summit endeavors to facilitate dialogue and partnership between India and Europe, with a primary focus on bolstering cooperation within the framework established by their respective governments. The overarching objective is to cultivate an environment conducive to business, fostering sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships and propelling innovation in space and geospatial technologies.

Embark on a journey of discovery and collaboration at our Summit, where the synergistic potential of India and Europe in space exploration and geospatial technologies awaits. Engage with thought leaders and experts as we catalyse deeper collaboration, streamline regulations, and foster dialogue exchange. Together, let's unlock global opportunities for sustainable development and shape the future landscape of these transformative fields.

Event Offerings

  • Showcase of technology and solutions.
  • Collaboration in the realms of Geospatial and Space Technology.
  • Explore Technology & Strategic business partnerships.
  • Discussions on policies that facilitate cross-border collaborations, and support.
  • Promote and strengthen trade and commerce.
  • Engage & collaborate with institutions to access skilled talent, fostering workforce development.
  • Explore prospects for enhancing exports and investments.


Indian & European geospatial industry
National geospatial agencies
Large geospatial user enterprises
Members of Non-Resident Indian geospatial professional networks