EUROGI Workshop

4 MAY 2023 | Hall - Van Walsum


EUROGI’s session will focus on two different but related issues, namely, Digital Twins (DTs) as seen from a geospatial perspective, and AI and Geospatial.

Since early in 2023 EUROGI has been facilitating two groups of experts, one on each topic, and the draft papers which each group will have produced by the time of the conference will be presented and discussed.

Some of the issues which will be covered during the Digital Twins part of the session will be technical geospatial issues related to data; services issues; lessons learned from various types of existing DTs; the role of AI in developing and supporting DTs; as well as other relevant geospatially related topics.

Issues which will be discussed during the AI and Geospatial part of the session will be what a fully developed GeoAI might look like, developing trust in AIs as seen from a technical perspective; a variety of technical issues related to data, services and other geospatial technical matters; current and emerging trends; and the EUROGI statement issued in April 2023 regarding having a pause in large scale AI developments until their implications for human society and the environment can be better understood.