Theme: Geography & Humanity

Quest for understanding the Planet and Science of Mapping is probably as old as human civilization itself. Finding its origins in mathematics and astronomy, surveying and cartography has been at the core of evolution of humanity, laying foundation of society as a tool of territorial administration, governance, and security.

Fast forward to today, Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure, Digital Twins and Location Intelligence are being recognized as critical assets down at organizational level. This offers an opportunity for geospatial industry to transform and provide leadership in engaging and aligning geospatial capabilities with national, regional and global priorities, ultimately creating a dynamic digital society.

Geospatial World Forum 2022 aims to showcase ‘Geography and Humanity’, tracing the historical relevance of geospatial profession, depicting its current value, and setting the tone for future direction. Discussions will revolve around the interaction between geography and humanity concerning sustainability of not only the ecosystems, but the interdependent society and economy as well.

25 Years of Making a Difference

The year 2022 marks Geospatial World’s 25 years of service. For a quarter of a century, Geospatial World has been instrumental in strengthening geospatial ecosystems at business, national, regional and global levels. Pursuing its vision of ‘Making a Difference through Geospatial Knowledge in the World Economy and Society’, Geospatial World endeavors to continue advancing global sustainability through its Consulting, Events and Media platforms. Geospatial World Forum 2022, with its focus on ‘Geography and Humanity’, will also feature the transformational 25-year journey of Geospatial World.