Speaker Bio & Abstract

Sandro Batista Co-founder
Focus BC / Mapify

BiographyArt, Music, and Tech lover! 💜 Sandro is passionate about creating and helping to create impactful companies. Based on his C-level experience in Innovation and R&D, he co-founded tech-enabled companies like Focus BC, Mapify.ai, and EngSolvers. He also loves to advise companies to make them grow faster, such as the latest venture HOMEtainment.com. Continued learning is a must for Sandro. One of the best ways to learn is to be close to young ninjas and help them grow. That's why Sandro is a Lecturer in some universities and Director of Founder Institute Portugal, the Silicon Valley's world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator. AbstractImprove citizen life with real-time location intelligenceA city is a living organism that breathes, feels, and moves. A city is much more than its infrastructure, plans, and buildings. Until recently, the primary concern of systems with a location component was to characterize cities, allowing us to explore them virtually. Nowadays, we can feel the city as a living organism. Advances in communications and software solutions will enable us to see the city from second to second, understanding what is happening and where. With this type of information, we can infer behavior and act preventively, improving the lives of all citizens in near-real-time.