Speaker Bio & Abstract

Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse Executive Director for Strategic Consulting & International Relations
Spatial Vision

BiographyZaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse is recognised as one of the spatial leaders in Australia and Globally. He serves as the Vice President for International Society for Digital Earth. Zaffar is Executive Director for Strategic Consulting & International Relations at Spatial Vision based in Melbourne. He obtained PhD in Geomatics Engineering, Spatial Data Quality, from University of Melbourne, Master by Research in Remote Sensing and Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. He has over 23 years of experience in Geospatial field and serves on the Board of World Geospatial Industry Council, UNGGIM-Private Sector Network and UNGGIM-Geospatial Societies and a member of ISO TC 211 representing Australia. He has led several Multi-Million Dollar Country level action plans and National Mapping projects for State and Federal governments globally. AbstractStrengthening Private Sector Collaboration for Digital Earth DevelopmentCollaboration is the need of the hour in Geospatial community. The Geospatial Community is fragmented due to its varied specialisation and niches. The collaboration between Government and Academia is well established. However, Private Sector involvement for collaboration is very limited due to a perception that Private Sector only collaborates when there is commercial intent. The Private Sector is an important pillar in addition to Government, Academia and Civil Societies for the growth of Digital Earth Development. How can private sector play its role effectively needs to be discussed in the era of Industry 4.0