Speaker Bio & Abstract

Jeroen Schreuder Senior Consultant - Asset Management
Antea Group
The Netherlands

BiographySenior Consultant "Asset Management" at Antea Group, focussing on predictive maintenance of assets in the Energy sector. Antea Group is an international engineering and environmental consulting firm. We specialize in full-service solutions in the fields of environment, infrastructure, urban planning and water.

Personal background in the multidisciplinary construction of large-scale petrochemical assets in the Middle East and Africa, occupying roles ranging from civil engineer, QA/QC manager and project manager. Passion for robotics, sensors and technological developments that contribute to automated observation and registration. Technological developments must complement human effort and simplify work. The person and their happiness at work are paramount and automation can contribute to this. AbstractDeveloping Proof of Concepts with (Boston Dynamics) Spot since September 2021. The Dutch delta holds various aging pipeline service tunnels which form a perfect environment for automated inspections. In collaboration with Leica Geosystems, laser scanning has proven to be an ideal technique for autonomous registration of the As Is condition of tunnels and pipelines. The digital twin is used to register the behaviour of pipelines and project sensor and As Built data in a visual 3D environment. Visualization contributes to the understanding of asset behaviour and improves the identification of degradation mechanisms.

Presentation of the inspection of the Calandtunnel. The tunnel has a length of 430m at a depth of approx. 30m minus ground level and a diameter of 2.5m. The aim of this P.o.C. was to deliver an autonomous 3D scan of the tunnel and generate cross-sections of the tunnel and the pipelines linked to the RD coordinates. To provide value to this investigation the time restriction was set at 8 hours for the inspection and composition of drawings.