Speaker Bio & Abstract

Antti Jakobsson Chief Engineer
National Land Survey

BiographyDr. Antti Jakobsson works as a chief engineer at the National Land Survey of Finland. He has a long experience in development of SDIs and data quality. Currently he is leading the GeoE3 project. AbstractHow to take the next steps in GKI. Data spaces or Data integration?European Union has set an ambitious goal for setting up data spaces in various domains in its data strategy. We will discuss how location intelligence is needed for setting most of these. The idea behind data spaces is that data integration is not needed beforehand, instead it is done when data is really utilised. We will provide an example of how this data integration can be done using real world examples. We will demonstrate this with three use cases; energy consumption and solar energy potential of buildings with 3D geometry, energy consumption of electric cars (heavy vechiles) in 3D terrain and planning smart cities. We have developed a dynamic data integration platform with dynamic data harmonisation and data quality assessment which may be set up on the top of these data spaces. Work is done in the GeoE3 project and examples include 3D building data from Spain, Netherlands, Estonia, Norway and Finland. We also join other data like meteorological and statistical data.