Speaker Bio & Abstract

Plenary SpeakersJuergen Dold Executive Vice President

AbstractThe Metaverse is NOT Flat: How Smart Digital Reality will add PHYSICAL DIMENSION to a 2D InternetThe metaverse is an evolution of the internet. The big shift is that its been enhanced and enabled to consistently deliver 5D content; spatially organized information and experiences; and real-time communication. The fact is, that the internet, and our experience of it, is still predominantly 2D. The metaverse isnt flat, it is 5D.

Join Hexagons Juergen Dold as he argues that the enormous potential for this metaverse is in the platform that is being created: this global network of spatially organized, predominantly 5D content that will someday be available for use in every human endeavor. Hell show our capability to quickly and economically capture aspects of any real-world system in a 5D digital environment. These are Smart Digital Realities that will deliver on the promise of the metaverse where the physical space matters. We can design, build and manage any complex system in real-time, interact with it, measure it, analyze it, and unleash the value that each system holds, whether its economic, societal or a sustainable planet.