Speaker Bio & Abstract

Kirsikka Riekkinen Assistant professor
Aalto University / WPLA

BiographyKirsikka Riekkinen is Assistant Professor in Land Management at Aalto University, Finland. The position is jointly funded by the National Land Survey. She is vice-chair of UNECE Working Party for Land Administration. Her research interests relate to future land administration and cadastral systems. AbstractLand administration supporting national securityLand administration tools secure land ownership and support in control of land use, among others. In an integrated digital society, this provides possibilities to new applications beyond property transactions and mortgaging processes. Nowadays, we know that there are several forms of hybrid influencing from foreign nations, of which one may be owning land near objects of strategic value (such as radar stations or highways). Therefore, the Finnish ministry of defense has noticed a need for monitoring land ownership in certain areas, either based on owners nationality or location of the property.

This presentation will show a new aspect and approach to digitalization and the importance of up-to-date register data and need of interoperability between authorities in property transactions. I will also discuss the legitimacy of monitoring, and the needs of developing legislation. This includes a discussion on property ownership (direct and indirect) and registering of 3D properties, as well as open data and privacy in land administration.