Speaker Bio & Abstract

Supriya Krishnan Ph.D. Candidate
TU Delft
The Netherlands

BiographySupriya is an architect and urban planner with professional and research experience in urban systems and climate resilience. She is a doctoral researcher at TU Delft's Resilience Lab. Her Ph.D. focuses on developing methods for long-term urban planning under climate uncertainty. The research uses a combination of land-use simulations, exploratory modelling, extensive interviews, and design thinking methods. Previously, she was on the global Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) 's core team and practiced as a licensed architect in India. Her work constantly navigates the Global North/South divide. It critically examines how resilience concepts differ across different spaces and cultures. For her Ph.D., she works with the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. AbstractExploring Resilient Futures Using Urban-land Use Simulation ModelsPlanning future cities is a complex process requiring collaboration among a range of disciplines. To build resilient and sustainable futures under climate change, building spatial evidence using digital twins and land-use simulations is essential. These promise opportunities for imagining and thinking through a broad range of future scenarios. However, they fall short in considering practical dependencies, policies, and planning constraints. In this talk, we discuss how design thinking can play a crucial role in making quantitative simulation models useful for future urban planning. We demonstrate a method to augment model-based urban land-use simulations with a design thinking process to develop well-informed future planning scenarios. We use the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam case study as a testbed to demonstrate our combined simulation model and design approach. We report findings from combining a land-use change model with an exploratory expert design workshop. We reflect on the model results and design scenarios, which can be used as a planning support tool for the future.