Speaker Bio & Abstract

Raj Patil Advisor
Geospatial World

BiographyRaj brings with him more than 25 years of industry tenure in the technology-enabled disciplines focused on Geospatial-based Public & Private Sector Infrastructure Management, Community Development, and Government Finance.

At Novotx, Raj leads the development of business programs supporting partner channels and market expansion in North America, the Caribbean, India & other target international regions.

Prior to Novotx, Raj worked for Lucity, Esri, Cityworks, Infor, IBM, and the Government of Jamaica in diverse technologies, vertical markets, business management roles, geographies, and cultures.

Raj lives primarily in northern California but spends considerable time in India and the Caribbean on business engagements.Abstract Smart Water Services Infrastructure - A Municipal PerspectiveIt is common to see the use of a Smart label these days to describe nearly every aspect of modern society. Many cannot imagine anything out there without a Smart ring to it. While 1 in 3 people in the world does not have access to safe potable water, municipalities with developed water distribution systems are impacted by regulatory, economic, and operational challenges. Well take a look at how municipal water agencies are trying to address these challenges with Smart Infrastructure solutions in managing the needs of the communities they serve.