Speaker Bio & Abstract

Frederik Boersma Business Consultant
The Netherlands

BiographyFrederik Boersma has a long history in GIS, Asset Management, Water analysis, and Digital twins with international software vendors Intergraph, Bentley Systems as well as national integrators in The Netherlands. In 2020 he established a new company that advises asset owners on the implementation of 3D GIS, BIM, and Digital Twin technologies.AbstractOK, a Digital Twin – now what? - An Implementation Proposal.In many organizations like water distribution or water authorities, the Digital Twin made it onto the roadmap of the company’s Digital Maturity. In the last year, thanks to many live and online presentations, an understanding of what to expect from the Twin has been acquired and the hype is differentiated from reality. Nevertheless, it is not so clear how to make this concept a working system and process which can contribute to the organization's goals while justifying the return on investments through clear outcomes.

So how can we reach those goals Where to start and how to prioritize Buy technology For hydraulics or geospatial twinning There are many questions and paths to follow. At Evides water company in The Netherlands, we’ve developed a model of how to progress in steps and ensure the success we’re after. A clear ‘network map’ has been proposed which shows the routes to the central station of the Digital Twin.