Speaker Bio & Abstract

Philippe Campenon VHR Mission Director
Planet Labs

BiographyPhilippe Campenon has spent over 32 years in the Earth observation industry. Having worked both on technical projects and in sales team, he can embrace all the aspects of the optimization of such space systems in the interest of the end users and with efficient operations. AbstractAchieving High Temporal resolution and high reactivity in Earth observationThe Earth Observation industry has been putting in major efforts in developing higher resolution sensors over the past six decades. Visible details are becoming sharper and new applications using remote sensing data are being developed every year. One of the current main challenges for data users is to have access to available, reactive, and low latency data they need.

This presentation addresses how the design of satellites may evolve to optimize the overall timing of image tasking, collection, download and processing in order to reach high reactivity and low latency. The overall system architecture and the addition of specific features such as inter-satellite link capability and on board edge computing are discussed.

It also addresses the possible ways to increase the cadence of acquisition within the day: required size of the constellation, and optimization of orbit inclination are two important parameters.