Speaker Bio & Abstract

Moderator & Lead SpeakerMarcos Martinez Secretary General
European Association of Aerial Surveying Industry (EAASI)

BiographyEAASI as a Secretary General, joining forces and working hand in hand with partners for a more efficient, innovative and sustainable industry. Marcos Martinez has been connected to Aerial Survey Industry for more than 15 years. Involved on the managing of a long list of projects, mainly on National Mapping programs, urban and land planning, Cadaster and GIS. He has a world wide experience, having developed his career in Central and South America, Europe, US, and Middle East. AbstractUltra-realistic Digital twinsThe concept of a Smart City has constantly evolved over the last few years; however, it is commonly agreed that Digital Twins can be considered the foundation of todays smart city construction. Being the geometrical model referred to as a geometric Base Twin

How can we build an accurate and ultra-realistic digital twin Photogrammetry, lidar point clouds, or a combination of both are the right answer. These technologies can provide Smart Cities builders with the most realistic virtual space where any type of simulation can be run.

What do we mean when saying Most Realistic: High Fidelity, highly reliable, high precision, and of course, interactive and multi space-time, essential attributes when you produce an accurate mapping of your territory using aerial survey data, especially on urban areas using very high-resolution images. It is a fact, that this level of Accuracy and Quality can only be provided these days by using airborne sensors.