Speaker Bio & Abstract

Marino Cavallo Head Research Innovation and EU Projects
Metropolitan City of Bologna

BiographyMarino Cavallo has relevant experience in the economic sector and he developed many analyses and studies about the relations between social and economic issues (considering the role of ICT technology and New Media). He worked for over 20 years in Local and Territorial Authorities in Italy. In this period he achieved knowledge and experiences about public administration, innovation processes, projects to stimulate local and regional development. Moreover he started successful activities for the managing of European Projects and Programmes of interregional cooperation between the different countries of the EU. Marino is Head of the Department Research, Innovation and Management of EU Projects in the Metropolitan City of Bologna (Italy).AbstractNew services for greener enterprisesGreen economy and new systems to use and save energy represent an innovative area of possible business for greener start up and new job and professions. With the EU Green Deal, cities are becoming key players in new services for the smart sustainable city. Technologies, climate change fighting, sustainable development goals are closely related to shape a new kind of society: more inclusive, with more opportunities and human-centered. Some experiences of European cooperation projects and possible suggestions and path towards a new green economy will be presented and discussed.