Speaker Bio & Abstract

James Szabo Agriculture Autonomy Product Manager
United Kingdom

BiographyUsing his background in Agriculture, James understands the challenges faced by today's farmers, be that of weather, technology, labour or market forces. With a 16-year career in the precision farming business and fours years in Agricultural autonomy, James has first-hand experience of the problems seen by his autonomy customers and is well placed to use technology to solve them.

In his early career, his studies of Electronic and Electrical engineering, Information Systems and passion for farming led him towards a global scholarship researching Robotics in Agriculture starting in 2012, following on from this James entered corporate roles helping and improving the adoption of precision farming and then in 2018 started a role purely focusing on automation. James joined the Hexagon team in 2020 focusing his efforts on bringing robust positioning and perception products to OEM and aftermarket customers.AbstractDrivers to Driverless AgricultureThe agriculture industry is facing more environmental, political, economic and cultural challenges today than at any other point in history. Rapid changes in the factors affecting the farmer's cost of inputs and the value of their outputs are vital drivers to finding a more stable and sustainable way to farm. Join James to learn how special data, technology and autonomy are feeding the world.