Speaker Bio & Abstract

Lauren Guy CTO & Founder

BiographyLauren Guy is from Beer Sheva, Israel, with a BSc in Geomorphology and Remote Sensing from Ben-Gurion University (BGU) and a MSc in Geophysics from Hebrew University of Jerusalem International (HUJI). Lauren currently serves as the CTO and founder at ASTERRA and sets the direction of the R&D and production teams, in addition to conducting research on new environmental solutions for the utility sector. He has highly diversified skills across industry and function a deep technical background, mainstream management capabilities and possesses a startup out-of-the-box mentality. Lauren has multiple patents in remote sensing and SAR. AbstractFollow the Water: Analyzing SAR Data to Monitor Underground InfrastructureASTERRA uses patented algorithms and AI to analyze data from a satellite equipped with ground-penetrating Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), pinpointing underground moisture across a city-sized, 3,500 km2 field of view. Originally developed to find water on the planet Mars, ASTERRAs algorithms are now being used to assess pipelines, detect leaking water, and monitor critical infrastructure such as roads and dams. Since its launch in 2016, ASTERRAs technology has been used in 450 projects across 59 countries. When applied to critical infrastructure, ASTERRAs analytics can be used to assess underground soil moisture conditions across a variety of underground infrastructure, allowing change detection over time and pointing out potential failure locations for preventative repairs, averting expensive damage and contributing to safer, more resilient infrastructure. During this talk, ASTERRA aims to highlight how SAR data analytics can contribute to better informed decision-making about infrastructure, and other globally diverse markets.