Speaker Bio & Abstract

Aaron Miller Postgraduate Researcher
Queen's University, Belfast
United Kingdom

AbstractUrbanARK - Enhancing flood risk management for urban coastal communities using handheld mobile LiDARThe presented study is exploring the capabilities of a handheld mobile LiDAR system (GeoSLAM Zeb Horizon) in creating a 3D city model and mapping underground spaces. This equipment provides a cost effective and rapid solution for creating high-resolution LiDAR datasets at street level with a variety of smart city applications, including improving urban flood management. This presentation will outline the methodology used to create a LiDAR dataset for a 1km2 area in Belfasts centre. Images will be used to explore the many details captured in the data, which illustrate both the accuracy and density of information collected. Comparisons between hand-held mobile LiDAR data from Belfast and Dublin, traditional tripod mounted terrestrial laser scanning and airborne LiDAR, will highlight the differences and similarities in each data collection technique. Two additional methodologies will showcase the identification of sub surface features within the data, and the location of possible subsurface inundation points using faade features. These underground features are currently often not included in urban flood models, despite subsurface spaces presenting priority risk areas. The methods discussed provide options for capturing and including this information with a low computational cost.