Speaker Bio & Abstract

Rainer Cramer Data Scientist
Supper & Supper

BiographyDr Rainer Cramer is Data Scientist at Supper & Supper, a Data Science provider based in Berlin, Germany. The company develops innovative and sustainable AI or digitalization solutions for you or advises you on their potential for your business case. Dr Cramer is mainly working on Data Science projects in the field of Computational Life Science. He completed his doctoral thesis in Biology at the Freie Universitšt Berlin and before that his Bachelor in Agricultural Sciences and Master in Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology (Biology). In his dissertation, he investigated the influence and effect of insect oviposition as a cue for the priming of plant defence.AbstractAI supported Digital FarmingDigital agriculture is advancing quickly to improve farmers capabilities of making better informed decisions, to increase their yields, optimize their pesticide use and likewise reduce their environmental fate along with an increased food security. Modern technologies and the Internet of Things enables farmers to better monitor and control the state and health of their fields and crops. In my talk I will show how we can make use of AI to bring digital agriculture even on a higher level. By leveraging the high amount of constantly collected high-quality in-field data, such as soil conditions, weather conditions and plant health, AI methods can be used in a predictive context. In fact, this enables farmers to get decision support even in pre-season planning. This can help them to optimize their field management and spray plans to achieve the highest yields even before any seed has gone to the field.