Speaker Bio & Abstract

Tal Israel Co-Founder & CEO
Ception Technologies

BiographyTal is an expert in developing advanced solutions for unmanned ground vehicles and autonomous systems, as an Engineer, Team Leader and Head of Software Development and Simulation. He has vast experience in managing development groups on a variety of project types from R&D to the deployment phase in the Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI). Tal holds a B.S.c degree in industrial engineering and management from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and a M.S.c in computer science from IDC Herzliya.AbstractBringing AI into real-world industrial sitesImproving operational safety and productivity is a clear goal for the construction and mining industries. Unsafe and unoptimized heavy machinery operation in industrial sites causes severe accidents and losses of millions of dollars, per site, every year. Real-time understanding of the dynamic environment around the vehicle, and its precise position within that environment, are the first step towards better safety, efficiency, and autonomous operation. A reliable, all-weather localization and mapping layer plays a critical role in advanced vehicle operations in both on and off-road applications. Israeli startup Ception develops an AI-powered system for heavy equipment. The solution is based on innovative HD mapping and non-GPS precise localization technologies, using the most advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms. The system provides operators with real-time alerts and guidance, while collecting data and providing job site-related insights to the site managers. The product can be used for a wide range of applications and use cases: safe dumping, road condition monitoring, reliable collision warnings and obstacle detection, performance monitoring, stockpile measurement and more. Ception brings high-end technologies linked to the autonomous revolution, and provides a cost-efficient, trustworthy solution, that presents immediate value and improves operational safety, productivity, and sustainability.