Speaker Bio & Abstract

Christopher Britsch Consultant
con terra GmbH

Biography2019 PhD (University of Vienna, Focus: statistical analysis of transfer of technologies) since 2019 working in AI at con terra GmbH since 2021 Coordinator for GeoAI at con terra GmbH AbstractOpportunities and Possibilities of GeoAI on Open DataWith the continues growth of data quantities and quality, as well as of computing power and variety of algorithms new possibilities arise in almost every data-driven domain. Thus, GeoAI is the natural next step in geospatial data processing, combining the power of AI with often untapped potential in geospatial data. Especially the rising emergence of more and more high-class open data gives automation and high-level analysis of large and diverse data a great significance. We want to demonstrate advantages and possibilities of GeoAI-applications for purposes of accessibility, environmental issues and process optimization. The examples presented are primarily driven by open data, establishing a low entry barrier into the field of GeoAI. We want to lead to a discussion on the importance of implementing technologies like Natural Language Processing, Forecasting and Object and Image Recognition into regular geospatial data analysis to develop improvements in terms of efficiency, user experience and environmental impact.