Speaker Bio & Abstract

Christian Beilschmidt Co-Founder
Geo Engine GmbH

BiographyDr. Christian Beilschmidt is co-founder and core developer of Geo Engine. He received his doctoral degree in computer science at the University of Marburg, Germany. His research interests are spatio-temporal data processing, database systems development, and machine learning. Before his work as a research assistant, he studied computer science at the University of Bonn, Germany. AbstractHarmonized data access for interactive analysesGeo Engine is a cloud-ready geospatial data analysis platform that provides low-threshold access to geospatial data and workflow processing. Users can access data and workflows via programming interfaces, e.g. from Python, as well as via a browser using a web GIS. The latter is the basis for the creation of customized data portals in which users can perform interactive analyses.

Geo Engine GmbH is a start-up of computer scientists and geographers from the University of Marburg. They develop Geo Engine as an open-source project, which is well suited for research projects, for example. In addition, extended functions are offered under a commercial license. Geo Engine is used in various research and infrastructure projects such as NFDI4BioDiversity, FAIR Data Spaces, and GEO BON as well as in commercial applications.

Geo Engine provides cloud-based processing of spatio-temporal datasets and supports both raster and vector data. Processing is described by workflows that define virtual layers. When multiple data sources are combined within a workflow, automated data harmonization occurs on-the-fly. Access is via user interfaces, Jupyter notebooks, or OGC-compliant APIs.