Speaker Bio & Abstract

Steffen Kuhn Head of Consulting

BiographyFor over 20 years, Steffen Kuhn has been consulting automotive companies. He works for Elektrobit as the Head of Consulting. Steffen Kuhn has initiated a working group in the OADF (Open Autodrive Forum) regarding map safety and published a whitepaper regarding this topic together with Baidu. Currently he supports the definition of HD map requirements for the upcoming technical specification ISO TS 5083 (safety for driving automation functions). AbstractReliable and safe HD maps for automated drivingHighly reliable and safe HD maps will play an important role in automated driving, e. g., for sensor range extension, improvement of sensor performance or supervising the operational design domain (ODD) limits. In automotive, maps have only been used for non-safety-related applications so far. Neither the map production processes nor the map data quality of existing infotainment maps are yet sufficient for fulfilling safety requirements. Challenges for using HD maps in safety-related automotive applications include:

Map accuracy and correctness
Freshness of the map data
Prevention of errors in the map production process
Prevention of map transmission errors
Handling of network unavailability and map production process interruptions

In this presentation it will be shown how one of the remaining white spots in autonomous driving safety is being closed step by step.