Speaker Bio & Abstract

Frank Suykens SVP Visual Computing Hub, Hexagon, Belgium

AbstractSemantics & AI for Smart Digital RealitiesCities - being digitized at a higher resolution and with shorter revisit periods - want to use the acquired data for better insights. Smart Digital Realities are a key Hexagon initiative to close the gap between data capture and data usage.

Two main technical enablers are easy data availability and automated data insights. In this talk we zoom in on the use of AI to automate the extraction of semantic information from aerial data in combination with customer data sources. With the semantic information and further spatial analytics, one can make city asset inventory, vegetation management, impervious area changes and other use cases much easier. The availability of ground truth data for one of the participating cities allows for validation of the automated semantics and gives an indication of the accuracy. We will also touch upon Hexagon's Digital Reality cloud platform to manage and combine all this data.