Speaker Bio & Abstract

Miguel Amor Chief Marketing Officer, Autonomy & Positioning Division

BiographyMiguel Amor is the Chief Marketing Officer at Hexagons Autonomy & Positioning division.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geomatics engineering and an M.B.A. Miguel began his career in the GNSS industry 25 years ago. He held several senior positions in the GNSS industry, and he has been a key contributor in the ideation and bring to the market innovated positioning products and correction services available today in the market.

In his current role, he leads the product management and marketing team responsible for all product portfolio of positioning and autonomy in NovAtel, Veripos AutonomouStuff.

Miguel holds multiple patents in the GNSS and the positioning field.AbstractActive Protection of PNT InfrastructureAs the development of autonomous technologies spreads, the more vital positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) infrastructure becomes. Without PNT, autonomy is unreliable and unsafe, making PNT - and the protection of its infrastructures - a critical priority.

PNT infrastructure includes national mapping agencies and other geospatial organisations. There are multiple threats to PNT - jamming, spoofing and an increasingly crowded radio frequency spectrum - but technologies are being developed to protect against these threats.

In this presentation, we will discuss these threats and how to protect against them. We'll outline the economic consequences of vulnerable infrastructure and how assured PNT limits these risks.